Circular Paving

Circular paving has a wide range of different uses, from low-to-ground edgings for ponds and other irregular shapes, to raised pedestals for sundials, to circular patios.

You can also integrate a circular element into a larger rectangular patio, with the option to 'square off' our rotary paving slabs at several different sizes to suit your garden.

We stock the Numold Rotunda® rotary paving system, along with the Sun Circle, a perfect choice for summer patios or as a hard standing for pergolas or summer houses.

Rotunda® Rotary Paving

We stock Rotunda® rotary paving up to six different sizes, with squaring-off possible at sizes 3, 4 and 5.

A full circle at each of the six possible sizes will have the diameter:
  1. 0.6m
  2. 1.2m
  3. 1.8m*
  4. 2.6m*
  5. 3.5m*
  6. 4.4m
(*squaring-off kits allow these sizes to be incorporated into larger rectangular patios)

Using the normal four-piece quarter-circle shapes for the innermost circle, it is possible to create quarter-circles and half-circles with straight edges, while when laying a full circle, the edges can be staggered to avoid having any straight lines running from the centre to the perimeter of the circle.

Aztec Sun Circle Paving

The Aztec Sun Circle is similar to the Rotunda® in overall shape, but with a wavy-edged inner design that gives the effect of sunbeams or flames.

It is a popular alternative to the more traditional Rotunda®, and a perfect addition to sun-trap gardens for those long, bright summer evenings.

At 2.6m diameter, the Aztec Sun Circle is the same size as a size-four Rotunda®, allowing it to replace the Rotunda® if you have had rotary paving laid for several years and are looking for a fresh update for your garden.