Decorative edgings provide an attractive, weather-hardy border for flowerbeds and other garden landscaping features, while helping to tie them in with any concrete paving you may have laid.

You can select colours that match your patio, or that contrast with it; natural browns, or more eye-catching reds; and you can even use concrete edging alongside other materials like gravel and decking.

We stock several kinds of precast concrete edgings, giving you a choice between the most popular patterns to suit your tastes.

Rope Edgings

Rope edgings are one of the most decorative - and most popular - precast concrete edging designs that are widely manufactured.

The picture below is for illustration, but the exact finish you should expect from us depends on your choice of colour and on some environmental factors, so may differ from what you see below.

Our rope edgings are 'half-round', which gives them a flat back, allowing them to be placed flush against a surface where necessary.

They come in two sizes:
  • 450mm x 200mm (18" x 8")
  • 900mm x 150mm (36" x 6")
Although they are of differing height, the two sizes can be mixed quite easily where necessary, simply by burying the 8" edging deeper into the soil to leave the tops level.

Scalloped Edgings

Scalloped edgings have been a firm favourite among many customers for many years, and are a great balance between subtle decoration and long-term resistance to weather damage.

Our scalloped edgings are 600mm (24") in length, with a top edge that consists of a repeating pattern of half-circles; like any concrete edgings, they can be used in any number to create a repeating pattern over a longer distance, to enclose larger flowerbeds and other large areas.

Half-Round Edgings

Our 900mm (36") half-round edgings are an excellent option if you want to enclose large areas without too much unnecessary decoration.

These edgings are simple but elegant, with a flat back surface and a curved upper front edge, and strike the fine balance between visual appeal, and the desire not to distract from the feature they surround.

While they work well in large gardens, they are also a perfect option in more purely functional roles, such as to mark the edge of planting areas in allotments and herb gardens.


As with all our products, our exact range is subject to change as we introduce new products, so for full details of our latest product line-up, colour options and prices, please give us a call.