We supply high-quality concrete paving slabs to residents and businesses throughout Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire.

Our range is based around the popular York Stone style of concrete patio slab, which is distinguished by its natural-looking wavy edge; patio slabs with a straight edge are of the Riven style.

We also stock the Numold Rotunda®, a circular paving feature that can be supplied at a number of different diameters, and can be squared off at two different sizes in order to fit within a larger, rectangular patio.

Our precast concrete paving slabs are made using moulds cast from real stone, giving you the appearance of a natural material with the benefits of regular sizes and consistent colour schemes.

We stock several different ranges, each with its own unique appearance, giving you complete choice over which you choose to lay in your garden.

Scarborough Mills

Cast from natural stone originally found at Scarborough Mills, Halifax, this range gives an extremely natural look that is ideal for gardens that are rich in planting and where natural materials - such as wooden fences and trellises - are widely used.

Scarborough Mills is designed to give a random-looking laying pattern, as would be expected from natural stone, so we would encourage you to speak to us directly about the area you wish to pave, and we can advise on the best combination of sizes to best fill the area.

York Stone

Ever-popular York Stone gives the appearance of natural stone in a number of regular sizes, which can be combined either in a regular geometric pattern, or to give a more random effect.

York Stone paving slabs are wavy-edged, which allows for a certain amount of 'wriggle room' when laying them to fill an area, as the joins between individual slabs can be made slightly larger or narrower as required for the best possible fit.

We can supply York Stone in the following sizes (all measurements in mm):
  • 225x225
  • 225x450
  • 300x300
  • 300x450
  • 300x600
  • 450x375
  • 450x450
  • 450x600
  • 600x600
In particular, this range allows for several 'trios' of sizes in the ratios 1:1, 1:2 and 2:2, which are the ratios commonly used in many geometric laying patterns.

We can also supply the Berkeley Square corner-piece set, which measures 1' (300mm) in width and approx. 18" (450mm) in length.

This can be used alongside ordinary York Stone paving slabs to add an L-shaped element to a patio, or to enclose a square area using slabs as edgings, or simply to add diagonal joins to an ordinary patio for visual effect.

Circular Paving

As stockists of the Numold Rotunda® rotary paving system and Aztec Sun Circle, we can supply you with either variety of circular paving system for use on its own, or squared off to fit within a larger rectangular patio.

For full details of our circular paving options, click here.