Copings, often referred to as coping stones, are a decorative wall-topping feature, and often come in styles with matching pillar caps.

Depending on your choice of style, you may have a choice between several colours, giving you the option of either directly matching your wall and patio, or adding a touch of contrast.

Our main selection of copings and pillar caps is listed below, or you can visit us to view our range in person.

York Coping

York coping is similar to 'wavy-edged' York stone paving, but is specifically designed for use on walls - these are not just repurposed patio slabs.

Our York coping stones are 600mm x 150mm, which is wide enough for most ordinary garden walls, typically with a slight overhang.

As the general design is a close match to our York stone paving, and York coping leaves you with a largely flat top to your wall, this is a popular option in many gardens - and can transform the edge of your raised beds into somewhere to sit or to place your cup of tea while you're doing your planting.

Copings are not just for the tops of walls - they can be used on many raised garden features, including fish ponds and flowerbeds

Twice Weathered

You might not recognise the name 'twice weathered', but in fact these are among the most common coping stones, and the name simply refers to the classic symmetrical pointed design, with two sloping edges meeting at a lengthways peak.

More often than not, you'll see these in a natural or 'white' concrete finish, which can add a clean and striking look to a red-brick wall built with white mortar.

Our standard twice-weathered copings are 600mm x 140mm (5.5"), but are also available at 11" (280mm) and 15" (380mm) - and if you're not sure which size you need, just ask.


If your wall goes round a corner, don't worry - we can provide L-shaped ridged copings at 5.5" and 11" widths, so you won't have to worry about cutting a 45-degree section out of a straight coping stone.

Pillar Caps

If your wall has end pillars, we can provide matching pillar caps in common sizes.

We have pointed pillar caps at 10" square, 10" x 15", 15" square, 18" square and 21" square, while of course for York stone copings you can simply use the appropriately sized patio slab as a square or rectangular pillar cap.