Fence Posts

Concrete fence posts are a strong, weather-proof option for garden fences where wooden fenceposts have rotted away or have been blown over in gale-force winds.

With reinforced metal cages hidden inside the concrete, they provide a clean, low-maintenance alternative that is still visually appealing.

Combine your concrete fence posts with matching gravel boards, and you can also protect the base of your wooden fence panels against direct contact with the ground, helping to protect them against rotting for longer.

Our fence posts come with two flat sides and two slots on opposite sides, allowing panels to be slotted into place from above so that your fence can be built as quickly and easily as possible.

We can provide fence posts in a range of standard sizes:
  • 5' (1,500mm)
  • 6' (1,800mm)
  • 7' (2,100mm)
  • 8' (2,400mm)
  • 9' (2,700mm)

Corners and End Posts

As well as the standard twin-slotted fence posts for straight fences, we can also supply end posts with a single slot and three flat sides.

For corners, we can provide twin-slotted fence posts with the slots on adjacent faces, allowing you to turn through a 90-degree angle without any gaps.

And if you need a T-junction to allow an additional fence to come off at a right angle from a long section of straight fence, we can supply a 3-way corner post which, as you might guess, comes with three adjacent slotted sides and one flat fourth face.

Fence Panels

If you need wooden fence panels, we can supply those too - just ask if you're not sure what you need.

Remember, if you are using gravel boards with your fence, you'll need to take their height into account, as well as the height of your fence panels, when deciding what length of fence post you need.