Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards raise wooden fence panels off of the ground, keeping them from being in direct contact with mud or grass, and so helping to delay the onset of rot.

At 6" (150mm) or 12" (300mm) in height, you have the option of part-burying the base of the board, which allows you to fill in any gaps on uneven ground and create a level surface for the fence panels above to rest on.

This is an ideal option on slopes, where you can use gravel boards to create a stepped fence, easily creating a terraced effect without extensive landscaping of the ground surrounding the fence.

Our gravel boards come in a variety of finishes, including a plain, smooth-faced option that's ideal if you don't want a pattern.

If you prefer rock-faced gravel boards, we can supply three different patterns, allowing you to create a natural look by alternating between the different designs.

For a truly upkeep-free fence, many people opt to use gravel boards for the full height, without using wooden panels at all.

This offers several benefits - firstly it's much more durable, as wet weather will not cause any risk of rot in the gravel boards.

It also creates a fence that is much harder to break down, making it an ideal security-conscious option.