Britain: The Land of Broken Fences

June 27th 2013

Britain is a land of broken fences, with over 2.2 million homes currently needing to fix broken fence posts and repair smashed fence panels, according to a recent survey.

The study by Ocean Finance, a broker of mortgages and loans, found that around 7 million properties nationwide are currently in need of some form of repair or refurbishment - equivalent to approximately half the population.

Of these, 32% have a broken fence or other boundary, making it the most common household repair on the list, above repainting the exterior of the house (30%), repainting windows (27%) and, each on 26%, damp/mould, replastering, and cleaning gutters.

Staying on top of the tasks

Ocean Finance warn that, while repair work can eat into your household budget, it's an expense that's worth spending promptly when you spot jobs that need doing.

Their representative Ian Williams says: "It's easy to let small repair jobs mount up, and before you know it you have several different jobs that are going to cost a lot to fix.

"For that reason, it's usually worth taking care of problems as and when they come up."

As we recently noted, 2013 has seen its fair share of wet weather, which can cause rot; very cold weather, which can crack wooden fence posts as ice freezes in the grain; and very strong winds, which can blow these weakened fence posts to the ground.

Call in the experts

If you don't feel confident about putting up a fence - or repairing an existing one - we can help you to find a contractor to do it for you at a price you can afford.

We supply reinforced concrete fence posts, concrete gravel boards and wooden fence panels, giving you everything you need to repair or replace your broken fence in one go, and helping you to work out the total cost of the project so that you can incorporate it into your household budget more easily.