Fixing your Fence after a Great British Blowout

June 24th 2013

If, like us, you were swept off your feet by the strong winds this weekend, it's probably time to check whether your fence was damaged by a particularly powerful gust, and take action to repair or replace it as necessary.

Sometimes it's easy to see when a fence has been damaged - wooden fence posts may have cracked completely, and if you woke up on Sunday morning to see your fence panels flat on the floor, you'll know how dramatically it can change the appearance of your garden.

However, even if your fence is still standing, it may have suffered some damage - check for broken slats in your panels, or for signs of cracking in your posts.

Prompt action now could be the difference between a repair job, and a full replacement in a few months' time.

The big problem with wooden fence posts is that they are quite easily weakened by the elements; wet conditions can cause them to rot, ice and the freeze-thaw effect can lead to cracking, and strong winds such as those seen this weekend can cause weakened wooden posts to break in half.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up completely on having a wooden fence - the best solution can be to combine wooden fence panels, which are fairly easy to maintain, with concrete fence posts and gravel boards.

Concrete fence posts, reinforced with metal rods, are much more resistant to the elements, and come with slots to securely hold the fence panels in place.

Gravel boards lift the bottom of the panel away from the ground, helping to prevent it from rotting by keeping it from coming into direct contact with mud and standing water at ground level.

Putting Up a Fence

Erecting a fence is a challenge you might want to tackle yourself - dig holes at the right distance apart, place your concrete post into the hole, and fill in around it with a dry mortar mix which will set solid as it absorbs moisture from the ground.

Slot your gravel boards into place, and drop your fence panels in on top of them, and your fence should be ready.

If you're not confident about getting the spacing right, or securely fixing your fence posts in place, we supply several fencing contractors in the Scunthorpe area who can carry the work out for you.

Down to Earth Fencing are one of the companies we supply regularly, and you can see galleries of their past projects on their website.

We can supply the concrete fence posts, concrete gravel boards and wooden fence panels for your fence, whether you erect it yourself or hire somebody to do it for you.

For more suggestions on how high you might want your fence to be, how many posts and panels you might need, or any other enquiries, give us a call or come and visit us at our yard on Midland Road, Scunthorpe.