Patio Surfing

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Even the strongest of Wi-Fi signals can struggle to penetrate exterior walls, making outdoor signals glitchy and slow to use.

However, there are ways to compensate for this, so that you can enjoy your patio while staying connected to the web as well.

The devolo dLAN 500 WiFi kit is a system of powerline Wi-Fi access points that can be used wherever there's an available electrical socket that's powered by your home's mains loop.

Simply plug one of the transmitters into the open socket, and it uses the electrical cables inside your home's walls to link up with other adapters plugged in elsewhere in the home, and distribute your broadband signal between them all.

You don't need the socket to actually be outside; simply plugging one into a kitchen socket or in your conservatory can extend the Wi-Fi signal far enough to reach your patio.

According to the manufacturer: "A Wi-Fi home network can be set up for outdoor use in no time: one adapter is connected to the router and plugged into an available wall outlet; the second is plugged in near the patio or balcony.

"The new Wi-Fi network is automatically detected by your laptop, tablet or smartphone."

Starter kits carry an RRP of £129.99, with extra adapters available at £89.99 each; it's not a cheap solution, but it's elegant and easy to set up, and can quickly have your wireless signal extended out to your new patio area.