It's a Sunny Scunny scorcher!

Scunthorpe has been living up to its 'Sunny Scunny' nickname in the past few days, with clear skies and a heat wave sweeping across the region.

That makes it the perfect time to get those garden tasks done - from fixing broken fences, to laying patio slabs.

Here are just a few garden chores you might want to get out of the way while the sun is shining.

Raised Beds

Any major changes to raised beds are best made in fine weather, when the soil is drier, lighter and easier to work.

If you are changing the shape of your raised beds, consider the types of coping stone you might want to use around the edge.

Ordinary wall copings are good for most straight-edged beds, or for curved edges consider using Rotunda segments that can snake around whatever shape you choose.


Fair weather is the ideal time to repair and replace fences, particularly if you need to put new fence posts into the ground.

Again, drier soil can be easier to work, but there is also the added advantage that any mortar mix you use to fill the holes will set solid without any negative effect due to excess moisture.


Give your existing patio a wash and sweep, and it should be more or less ready to use for barbecues or simply for sitting in the sun.

Alternatively, good weather is a good time to lay a new patio, as if you are laying directly on to a bed of sand, there is less risk of it blowing or washing away while you are completing the work.

If the hot and dry weather continues for a prolonged period, a patio outside your back door gives you an area you can walk on, without damaging parched grass and leading to patches of bare earth in your lawn.


Remember, if you have plants in your raised beds or along the edge of your patio, they'll need some attention for as long as Scunthorpe's skies remain clear.

A patio can help to keep your plants watered, by ensuring any rainwater runs off into your flowerbeds and reducing the amount that gets sucked into the root system of your lawn.

If a hosepipe ban gets put in place, a paved garden with contained flowerbeds will be much easier to look after than trying to keep a lawn looking good.