One in Four Plan Patios and Garden Improvements

More than a quarter of people currently planning home improvements are intending to upgrade their garden or lay a new patio, according to research from the AA.

A recent report from the organisation - best known for its breakdown services, but also a provider of financial and insurance services - lists garden improvements and patios as the third-most popular form of home improvement, behind indoor redecoration and new kitchens.

Some 42% of people are planning general redecoration, 27% want a new kitchen, and patios rank close behind on 26% - more than one in four of all Brits who are currently considering upgrading their home in some way.

A Cautious Approach

The AA also found that households are saving up to pay for such projects with their own money, rather than using a credit card or other form of borrowing.

Just 7% of people expect to use a credit card, while 16% will raid their current account, and 47% will turn to their long-term savings.

Mark Huggins, director of AA Financial Services, said: "There are still people who want to 'do up' their home and, of course, making some home improvements is cheaper than moving."

"People seem to be most keen to pay with savings, which is likely because they're being cautious," he added.

Gardens on a Budget

If you're keen to upgrade your garden, there are plenty of ways to do so without breaking your budget - and as we've said before, even a fairly small area of paving can add a new use to your garden.

A few slabs give you somewhere for a barbecue or bench, and can also help to reduce your long-term costs when compared with maintaining a lawn or flowerbed of the same size.

You might be surprised at the impact even a few paving slabs can have in a small garden - while in larger gardens, patios can help to cut down on the amount of maintenance that's needed to keep things tidy.

Either way, whatever your budget, you're in good company if you've opted to prioritise your garden as the next target for your home improvements - just as more than a quarter of other people have done.