Time to Plan It, Plant It for Spring 2014

If you read our recent post about the Horticultural Trades Association's Plan It, Plant It campaign, you'll know that autumn is the best time of year to plant bulbs ready for them to emerge from the ground in the spring.

We would suggest doing so in controlled conditions - either in raised beds that can be covered to keep off the frost, or in pots that can be put out on your patio in warmer weather, but moved into a garage, greenhouse or even into the house if the coming winter proves to be particularly harsh.

But what should you be planting? The HTA has given a list of tips, compiled with the help of one of the association's members, Taylor's Bulbs, on some of the most popular options for the springtime ahead.


Described as 'the stately globes of the bulb world', alliums come with large and small heads, and are excellent at attracting insects into your garden.


Crocus flower early, and because of that, they can be an important nectar source for bees - plant them in grass for a meadow effect, or in a border.


A good option to consider planting in pots and placing on your patio or by your front door, hyacinths' scent - Taylor's Bulbs describe them as "pillars of delicious fragrance in many different colours" - makes them more than just something to look at.


Elegant yet often overlooked, tulips' graceful, flute-like flowers add a touch of class to any garden, and again, there are plenty of sizes and colours to choose between to suit your tastes.


Despite their wintry name, snowdrops signal the coming spring, and can open their heads as early as January, making them a perfect, if icy-looking, way to bring your garden to life for the first time in the new year.