Concrete gravel boards help fight the flood in Scunthorpe

Dramatic scenes on Grange Lane South today as a burst water main practically gridlocked Scunthorpe (well, the A18) and put nearby homes at risk of flooding.

BBC Radio Humberside's 'man in the radio van' James Piekos took to Twitter to document the disaster, and provided the perfect picture of how concrete gravel boards can help to keep back the rising tide of floodwater.

In his image, it is clear to see that the lower part of one home's wooden fence has been kept clear of the water, thanks to the concrete gravel boards at its base.

Extra sandbags piled against the gravel boards provide an additional precaution, helping to stop the leaked water from seeping underneath, but without the concrete boards in place, the picture could have been quite different.

Concrete gravel boards provide a physical barrier against rising water - whether it is from a burst water main, or from a torrential downpour.

When used with concrete fence posts as well, this means the lower portion of the fence is not, at any point, made of wood - so unless the water gets knee-deep, there should be no risk of posts or panels rotting through.

You might not be able to predict a mains water leak, but you can feel fairly assured that this winter will bring its fair share of downpours.

Get your boundary protected with a sturdy fence - with the barrier of concrete fence posts and gravel boards to withstand any onslaught of standing water - and you stand the best chance of making it through to the coming spring without a waterlogged lawn or, even worse, a flooded home.