Scunthorpe paving suppliers can help use patio furniture at its best

Scunthorpe paving suppliers can help you to add a flat and stable patio area to your garden, given the news that sales of patio furniture spiked during the warmer weather earlier this year.

The BRC-Google Online Retail Monitor for the third quarter of 2013 shows how total retail-related searches were up by 12% compared with the previous year, with a 100% increase in tablet searches and 58% growth on smartphones.

According to Google, the quarter started slow, as many families were out enjoying the warm weather that lasted into July.

But as that faded in the following two months, online search activity picked up - and outdoor markets performed well throughout the quarter.

Google's retail director Peter Fitzgerald says: "The DIY and gardening sectors were able to take advantage of the weather, with 'garden furniture' one of the most popular retail searches this quarter."

While patio furniture is a great way to use your outdoor space as an extra room, it is important to be prepared for the worst the winter has to offer - particularly if you have placed wooden benches or picnic tables where they cannot be moved indoors.

Paving the Way for Winter

Scunthorpe paving suppliers will be on hand in the run-up to the winter months, for those households keen to create a more weatherproof patio area.

Concrete paving slabs can be used to add a level, reliably firm area to your garden, whereas grass alone can become boggy when the winter rains saturate it.

If your garden furniture is made of wood, this can be even more important as, just as concrete gravel boards and fence posts help to protect timber fence panels, a concrete patio also adds a barrier between your wooden furniture and the wet ground.

By protecting your investment in this way, your furniture should make it through to the new year needing little more than some routine maintenance and a lick of paint - allowing you to immediately begin to enjoy the first sunshine that 2014 has to offer.