Scunthorpe: The Windy City?

The clocks have only just gone back, and Scunthorpe fence posts are facing the first onslaught of the coming winter.

You could be forgiven for thinking London is the only place expecting a storm, but in fact high winds could reach as far north as Lincolnshire, and residents are already being warned to stay safe in the coming 24 hours.

Lincolnshire County Council have warned of "a very real danger" on the roads, with the highest risk between 7am and 10am on Monday October 28th.

Who's at Risk?

A little sensible preparation should help to protect most people against the most obvious risks - these include fallen trees and power lines, but could also see broken fence posts and panels strewn across the streets.

Parents have been told that schools should remain open, so vigilance will be needed during the Monday morning school run.

And 9-to-5 workers are also likely to see adverse weather conditions during the morning commute, potentially worsened by congestion as the rush hour traffic tries to find its way around any blocked roads.

Bringing on the Flood

Just a fortnight after we showed Scunthorpe fences sandbagged to keep out the floodwaters of a burst water main, the region is facing a more natural kind of flood.

The Lincolnshire County Council weather alert warns of isolated flooding in parts of the north of the county, and only the coming hours will reveal exactly where that will occur.

Again, we can only suggest that concrete gravel boards - particularly those protected with sandbags where any gaps appear beneath them - are likely to withstand surface flooding better than a timber fence panel with no gravel board.

Cleaning Up

Any warning of severely strong wind will inevitably lead to broken fence panels and wooden fence posts, and we are ready to supply the stronger materials needed to rebuild those fences so that they can withstand any future storms to a greater extent.

Concrete gravel boards and fence posts, reinforced with steel rods, offer extra strength in exposed areas, in gardens that are prone to high winds, or anywhere you want some added peace of mind when the weather closes in.

Of course, timber fence panels are always a popular option for their aesthetic appeal, but you might also want to consider a fence made entirely out of gravel boards.

This is an extremely strong option that brings the weatherproofing of concrete to your whole fence, however long, high or exposed it may be.

As we said, the south is braced for the worst of the coming weather - but if the storm reaches as far north as is expected, it is likely that there will be some cleaning up to do afterwards.