Why to buy Scunthorpe patio slabs out of season

Scunthorpe patio slabs follow a seasonal sales cycle that is similar to many other products most people might associate with warm weather.

But while Sunny Scunny's residents as a whole may decide that summer is the best time to dig up their gardens, you might be wiser to buck the trend and approach Scunthorpe patio slab suppliers 'out of season'.

Why would you do this? Well, here are five of the most immediate reasons that spring to mind...

1. Supply and Demand

Perhaps the best reason is simply that, when demand is lower, there's less risk of having to wait for your order to arrive.

In the winter months, we're generally more focused on supplying concrete fence posts to repair and replace fences damaged by wind and rain, but we still continue to stock our full range of patio slabs as well.

Place an order when demand is low, and we can focus on producing all of the slabs you need, with fewer other paving customers to worry about at the same time.

Fence posts, meanwhile, are a much more standardised product - with fewer style and colour variations - so we can still continue to produce as many of those as are needed throughout the winter months.

2. Easy Installation

At the height of summer, the ground in your garden can become parched and may even bake hard and solid, making it much more difficult to dig out a level surface for a new patio.

In autumn especially, the ground is typically softer but the general weather conditions can still be fairly pleasant at times, giving you long enough (and just enough daylight) to dig out your foundations and lay your paving slabs.

3. Weather-Proofing

As we noted earlier this week, the weather conditions during the worst days of winter can put some of your garden furniture at risk, especially if it is made of timber.

A concrete patio helps to shield wooden furniture against water rising from below, and from soft and muddy ground that could cause it to sink into the surface or rot.

4. Home Economics

The report from Family Action that inspired this post claims that nearly three in five families have made no home improvements at all during the last five years.

Depending on your household, you might actually find that winter is an economical time for you - the kids are back at school, the days are shorter and easier to fill, and you may have saved steadily all year for Christmas.

If you find you have some money to spare, you can always buy in materials now while demand is lower, and save them to lay your patio in the new year - and if you are planning to hire somebody to lay your patio for you, that will also help to spread the cost.

5. New Year, New Start

Finally, you might simply want to start 2014 with a clean slate - and a clean-looking garden - after perhaps neglecting things a little over the past 12 months.

It doesn't take a lot of patio slabs to add a fresh, clean paved area to any size of garden, and if you do it now, it will be there waiting for you as the days begin to get longer and the weather begins to get warmer.