Fence Post Alert: Amber (Dec 5th, 02:00-16:00)

It's not the way any of us would have wanted December to start, but today we're issuing an Amber Fence Post Alert, as strong winds across the region are likely to bring down old wooden fence posts and potentially break old panels too.

The Met Office have put the Yorkshire & Humber region - and much of the rest of the country - on amber alert, valid from early this morning through until around sunset.

Westerly gales of 60-70 mph are expected across Scotland and the north of England, but in some areas - particularly exposed locations - they could gust as high as 80-90 mph.

The east coast has also been put on flood alert, with potentially significant floods expected as the surging waters break over the land.

It's a genuine cause for concern - an amber alert from the Met Office means 'Be Prepared', and this particular incident has been classified as both high likelihood, and high impact.

What Should I Do?

There are pressing matters at hand if you're in the path of this wind storm - make sure any loose items in your garden are packed safely away, and generally avoid leaving the house if it's not important for you to do so.

We think these winds will bring down quite a few fence posts, so if you have chance, check any wooden fence posts and old panels you have in your garden.

Panels that are cracked, rotten or loose-fitting in the post slots are most at risk of breaking completely under the repeated gusting force of the wind.

Meanwhile, wooden fence posts that are visibly rotten, or dark and discoloured at the base, are most likely to splinter, crack or fall completely in two during the storm.

Look for evidence of long vertical cracks that have already formed in your wooden fence posts - there's not a lot you can do to save them, but you can make sure there are no freestanding planters, pots or other valuable items in line with where the fence is likely to fall, if the post breaks.

The Clean-Up

As always, we will be ready with the concrete fence posts Scunthorpe households and businesses need to patch up any breakages.

If a section of your wooden fence has come down, you might want to consider replacing the whole thing with concrete fence posts, which can stand up to future pummellings potentially much better than timber.

Combine them with concrete gravel boards at the base of each panel, and you put a physical barrier in place, protecting your timber fence panels against moisture seeping up from ground level, to help prevent them from rotting for as long as possible.

Most importantly though, batten down the hatches and stay safe today - Scunthorpe and much of the rest of the UK are in for a bumpy ride.