Fence Post Alerts

Regular visitors may notice that we sometimes display 'fence post alerts' to the left-hand side of our blog posts.

These are fed directly from the Met Office, and let you know when dangerously strong winds are expected, along with a link directly to the Met Office website for more details.

Strong winds can bring down wooden fence posts, especially if they are cracked or rotten near the bottom.

That's why we suggest checking fences in advance when a severe weather warning is issued - if you see any damaged fence posts, consider taking action ahead of time to avoid having a downed fence to deal with.

A fence built using reinforced concrete fence posts is naturally much stronger, and if you add concrete gravel boards at the bottom, you also lift your wooden fence panels out of any standing water or mud.

This combines to create a fence that should still be standing in years to come, and able to withstand even fairly powerful winds.

It's not just about keeping your fence standing, though - it's also about safety, as broken posts and loose panels can damage other property around them if they begin to blow away.

Prompt action when a weather warning is issued should help you to avoid any such damage, as well as helping you to beat the rush - there's often a bit of a wait for fence posts and panels, the week after strong winds have rushed through.

Keep an eye on the left-hand side of our blog, particularly in the autumn-winter months, and we will keep you updated if any fence-threatening weather is forecasted by the Met Office.