Circular corner patio with Rotunda curved slabs

We're really pleased with this pretty patio, laid using Rotunda rotary paving slabs to create a seating area in the corner of a customer's garden.

It's a great example of how an unused corner of your garden can be transformed with even a small number of paving slabs, giving you a patio area for planters and tubs, or to sit out on a sunny day.

In this case, a quarter circle of Rotunda rotary paving slabs was used to create a curved patio in the corner of the garden - but the customer wanted a little extra space.

Look closely and you can see that a row of rectangular paving slabs was placed along each edge, bringing the circle away from the fence slightly and increasing the total patio area.

We have rectangular slabs to match each ring of the Rotunda circle, so you have total control over how you incorporate it into a larger patio.

It's great to see Rotunda circular paving used in this way, proving its versatility as something more than just a circle in the middle of a lawned area.

If you have your own ideas about what you'd like to do in your garden, give us a call to see if we have the right patio slabs for what you need.