Improving fence security with concrete gravel boards

The Times reported today on a crime spree sweeping the UK - the black market for wooden fence panels, which have been in short supply since the bad weather and strong winds of this past winter.

Stolen fence panels are apparently changing hands for as much as £80 each as households struggle to find enough to replace fences felled by the winter weather.

"Many DIY chains and hardware stores have run out of traditional lap fencing and are seeing demand increase by up to five times the normal level.

"Industry experts say that prices have rocketed to record levels as a result of severe winter weather and a house building boom."

- The Times

The newspaper goes on to say that the current situation may be even worse than that seen in 2007, when similarly bad weather led to a surge in demand for fence panels.

While the temptation to buy fence panels offered on the black market may be strong, it's worth remembering that doing so would not only be illegal, but at £80 a panel would be very expensive.

A more economical and security-conscious alternative could be to rebuild your fence entirely out of concrete gravel boards.

These are certainly cheaper than the prices being paid for some wooden fence panels, if the reports are to be believed.

Concrete gravel boards are also stronger, making your fence more resistant to strong winds in the future.

And if you have ever tried to lift one single-handedly, you'll know that it's unlikely any opportunistic thieves are likely to make off with your fence in the dead of night.

Reliable and robust, strong and secure, concrete gravel boards make a great alternative to wooden fence panels if you are having trouble sourcing a sufficient supply.

But like fence panels, demand is high at present - so if you need a large quantity of concrete gravel boards, make sure you get your order in as soon as possible to avoid any unwelcome delays.

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