Supplying the wooden fence panels Scunthorpe needs

Even at times of peak demand, we work hard with local companies to supply the wooden fence panels Scunthorpe households need without any unnecessary delays.

Yesterday, we reported an article from The Times that said wooden fence panels are at a premium nationwide, and are changing hands for as much as £80 each on the black market.

We suggested using concrete gravel boards for the full height of your fence, both as a way of getting it reconstructed during the short supply of wooden fence panels, and to make it extra secure.

But if you are committed to a wooden fence - perhaps because you only need to replace a few panels, or simply because you prefer the look of wood - there's no need to worry.

Local firms are working hard to manufacture or buy in all of the wooden fence panels Scunthorpe gardens need to get back to their best, with the minimum of waiting time for an order to be fulfilled.

If you are having difficulty finding a supplier with existing stocks, speak to us and we may be able to recommend someone in the Scunthorpe area.

We can also refer you to a Scunthorpe fencing contractor who can put up your wooden fence panels using our concrete fence posts and gravel boards - a more weather-resistant alternative to wooden fence posts.

The Times were right about one thing though - wooden fence panels are definitely in demand right now, so the sooner you make your enquiry, the faster you can expect to get your hands on the right number of fence posts, gravel boards, fence panels and trellis sections to have your fence back to its best.

For more about how concrete gravel boards can be used in place of wooden fence panels, click here.